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Innovative Reimbursement, Revenue Cycle, and EDI Solutions.

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Our Services

heartbeat Medicare DSH

GDS is best known for robust, accurate eligibility reports that are used by hospitals and consultants to support claims for Medicare disproportionate share hospital claims across the country.

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save-money SSI Realignment

This opportunity allows disproportionate share hospitals (DSH) to evaluate and request an SSI realignment going back to the inception of the DSH regulations.

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340B Medicare Advantage Underpayments 340B Medicare Advantage Underpayments

GDS arms clients with actionable evidence of payor and patient-specific, line-item underpayments from Medicare Advantage plans. The evidence is necessary to recover underpayments whether through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation.

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borrow Medicare Bad Debt

GDS will work with your hospitals to maximize Medicare bad debts reimbursement using the GDS MBD process.

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GDS will work with your hospitals to accurately quantify S-10 using our proprietary process.

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money Transfer DRG

Each day GDS identifies and recovers Transfer DRG underpayments capturing much needed dollars for hospitals just like yours.

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medical Medicare ID & Shadow Billing

Our exclusive MAIDs data mining solution taps into all appropriate sources to identify even the most difficult to find lost opportunities, generating maximum results.

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give-love MBI ID Finder

GDS has developed special proprietary methods to find MBIs and other demographic data needed to match the CWF for Medicare beneficiaries to allow for proper Medicare billing.

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health-insurance MIDaS Insurance ID

When it comes to batch eligibility verification GDS is known to current clients as the industry-leader for achieving optimal results through its extended search capabilities, cutting-edge data analysis, and scrubbing methodologies. 

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verified Eligibility & Other

Other services GDS offers include Medicaid and Medicare Eligibility Verification, 340B Support, Paid Claims Listing Creation, Eligible-by-proxy Baby Matching and SSI Data Acquisition.

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