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Chris Cusimano Dec 14, 2023 5:06:51 PM 1 min read

GDS: 340B MA Underpayments Estimate is Over $8B; Provider Specific Estimates Available

Relief from 340B Medicare Advantage (MA) Underpayments is expected through contract-related enforcement such as negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or legal action. GDS actively assists multiple clients in quantifying underpayments and creating itemized supporting documentation for 340B MA Underpayments to use as evidence in enforcement proceedings. 

GDS estimates 340B MA Underpayments at over $8B nationwide.

Contact to obtain provider-specific estimates and to learn more about our 340B MA Underpayments Services.

Expertly prepared, third-party documentation will be critical to maximizing your claim. The 340B MA Underpayments amounts are too large and there are too many transactions over a five-year period to rely solely on internal reports or data obtained from MA plans.

With extensive experience handling large datasets, GDS has delivered MAC-approved and audit-tested documentation for over 1,000 hospitals to support cost report filings, appeals, and litigation.  Our core mission is to assist providers with capturing all payments due to them.